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It is crucial for any online business to be transparent, which is why we encourage you to read our affiliate disclosure and see where and how we acquire funding to maintain and bring you the top casino sites in the US.

Why Do We Need Affiliates?

For two very straightforward reasons, we choose to fund our projects through the use of affiliate links. To begin, we have not included any advertisements on our website, and we have no plans to start doing so in the foreseeable future. Many websites rely heavily on advertising revenue, however this frequently comes at the expense of the user experience.

The second reason is that we do not publish reviews that have been written in exchange for monetary compensation. Simply put, the only way to ensure the continuation of our mission is through the support of our affiliates.

How does the Affiliate System actually function?

Simply said, we are paid a commission each time you click on one of the affiliate links that we provide on our website. Although the commission is not particularly large, it is what permits us to carry on. This way, there are no annoying advertisements on our websites, and we are able to maintain complete objectivity and honesty in our reviews.

In addition, going to casinos through our affiliate connections won’t change your experience in any way because those links will merely take you to the casino operator’s website.

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