The Best Gambling Resorts in Africa

Gambling is becoming increasingly popular everywhere you look. It is a common misconception among Europeans and North Americans that gambling on games of chance is illegal in Africa. In Africa, however, this is not the case. The land mass that is commonly referred to as “the mother of humankind” is frequently lauded for its picturesque beauty and spectacular wildlife; however, it is also the location of a number of casino resorts that provide high-quality gaming and entertainment options.

Despite the fact that the legality of land-based casinos and real-money online gambling sites vary from country to country across Africa, many African countries have no problem with venues on their territory providing these services to foreign visitors. As a result, the number of opulent resorts in Africa offering a variety of gambling options comparable to those offered at real-money online casinos is increasing. The top five such locations on the world’s second-largest landmass that you should not miss are listed below.

Casino and Resort at the Emerald The Republic of South Africa are without a doubt the gambling capital of Africa, and the Emerald Resort in Gueteng, which can be found at 777 Frikkie Meyer Boulevard in Vanderbijlpark, is one of the country’s most illustrious casinos. The Second Location of the Emerald Casino and Entertainment World There are over 600 slot machines and twenty-seven table games spread across the hotel’s 32-square-foot casino floor, which is decorated in the style of Kenya. The hotel is themed after Kenya. Additionally, there are six poker tables where players can compete in Texas Hold’em at any one of these tables. The Prive Lounge is where cocktail parties are held, and only high-rollers who prefer high-stakes games are allowed in there. These high-rollers also have access to exclusive promotions that regular Emerald gamblers are unable to take part in.

This location plays host to daily cash games in addition to the well-known annual poker tournament known as the Emerald Open, which takes place here. In this establishment, there is a progressive jackpot associated with one of the tables. Others, on the other hand, organize sit-and-go tournaments consistently. The “Breeze” restaurant and the “Boma Grill Buffet” are two dining establishments within this complex that every person should try at least once during their time here because they each offer a diverse selection of regional and international dishes, respectively.

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2) Sun City’s Vacation Resort

The casino resort known as Sun City first opened its doors in 1979 and is located in South Africa. It can be found in the North West Province of the country, in close proximity to Pilanesberg and the Elands River. Sol Kerzner, a well-known hotel magnate, was the one who conceptualized the idea, and he was also the one who turned it into a well-liked holiday and weekend destination for residents of Pretoria and Johannesburg.

The gaming area at this establishment spans 125 square feet, making it one of the most expansive of its kind anywhere in the world. This casino is an exact replica of the one found in Emerald; however, it also features a Salon Prive for high-stakes gamblers who enjoy placing bets of up to R10,000 per hand at blackjack. Slot machine players who visit the expansive Sun City casino complex have the option of staying in either luxurious five-star suites or more affordable three-star cabanas. In addition, the complex features 850 slot machines for your gambling convenience. In addition, there are two golf courses at the location, a variety of activities that are suitable for families, and a wide variety of upscale and casual dining options.

3) Es Saadi Marrakech Hotel

Casino de Marrakech, Morocco’s first poker room, opened its doors in 1952 at the Es Saadi Gardens & Resort Marrakech. The resort is set within an 8-hectare park in the heart of Hivernage. A lovely garden can be found on the resort grounds, and it is centered on a gaming hub that is twenty-six square feet in size and contains one hundred slot machines and twenty-two table games. Poker is also available, and the rules are comparable to those found at the most recent real money online casinos on the World Wide Web.

Among the high-end dining options at this resort are Jardin d’Hiver, Restaurant Gastronomique, Bio du Bled, and Lagon & Jardin. It is worth noting that this complex houses two spas, the Es Saadi and the Oriental Spa, as well as the Theatre, which is widely regarded as one of Morocco’s best nightclubs.

4) The Sea Cliff Hotel

Some argue that the Sea Cliff in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is the most prominent gambling location in East Africa. This is a controversial statement, but the truth is that this structure overlooking the Indian Ocean offers a combination of breathtaking views and the adrenaline-pumping excitement of gambling. This establishment’s amenities include two restaurants, a fitness center, a lounge bar open to the public, and a private bar.

Many players consider the local casino to be on the small side because it only has sixty gaming tables and 140 slot machines. On the other hand, it provides staggering benefits to its most devoted customers, accompanied by first-rate service.

5) Mazagan Beach Resort

The fact that real-money online casinos host thousands of gaming products in their game lobbies is not enough for these establishments to compete with the one-of-a-kind experience that can only be obtained by gambling in a physical location. A genuine casino vibe can be found throughout the Mazagan Resort, which features high-end gaming and entertainment options. It encompasses a total land area of 250 hectares and features seven kilometers of beachfront and is situated in the city of El Jadida.

Around 80 kilometers away from Casablanca, it first opened its doors in 2009 as a gathering place for A-list celebrities and people who like to bet big. The five-star luxury resort features a number of bars, a nightclub, a spa that is on par with the best spas in the world, and close to 500 gambling machines in addition to fifty gaming tables for guests to enjoy during their stay. It is widely considered to be the finest and most prestigious casino in all of Morocco.